Westchester (Los Angeles)

How It Works, Pricing, & More!


Step 1: Pick your Piece! Pick any ceramic item you like. We have hundreds of shapes to choose from. There’s something for absolutely everyone! Pricing ranges between $16-$60 on average per piece plus a $10 studio fee per painter. 

Step 2: Design and Paint! Design and paint it any way you like! Relax and have fun! No experience necessary. We recommend 2-3 coats for every color for a more solid color and outcome.

Step 3: Glazing and Firing! We will glaze and fire your one-of-a-kind artwork in our kiln.

Step 4: Pick up! In about a week 1/2-two weeks (depends on demand and season)  we will call/email when your piece is finished firing and you can pick it up and take it home to enjoy! (items are kept at our studio for up to 30 days)


Q: How Can I Ensure A Spot On The Weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)?

A: The weekends are our busiest days out the week, we cannot guarantee open spots for walk-ins so we HIGHLY recommend to reserve your spot!

(Click tab under “Visit Studio” and Book Your Reservation!) 

Q: What’s the Price Range? 

A: There’s a $10 studio fee per painter PLUS the price of your ceramic, our pieces range from $16-75 depending on the size and build of the piece! 

Q:If I book a reservation, what happens to my $10 deposit?

A: The $10 deposit covers 1 person’s studio fee, and gets subtracted out of the overall cost of your transaction!

Q: If I have more than 5 people for my group can I double book a reservation? 

A: Double-bookings are not permitted in our studio due to the limited space we have! We advise all parties bigger than 5 people to book a party so we can accommodate appropriate space for each group! 

Q: How long do I have to pick-up my item? 

A: We hold all customer’s items for 30 days after our first call and email. When those 30 days are up, we give you a “last-call” to remind you that your items are still with us and a two-week time frame to pick up your items. If items are not picked up within the 30 days and two-week time frame, we discard your items (cannot receive refund if items are discarded.) 

Q: If I bring items from another Color Me Mine, can I paint/glaze them at your studio?

A: Yes! For both painting and glazing a previously purchased item, we only charge a $10 studio fee to use our supplies! 

Q: Can I bring my own pottery/creations to be fired at your studio? 

A: Yes! We encourage artists of all kind to use our services, just ensure your pottery/creation is able to withstand a Cone 8 kiln (reaches 1200 degrees)! And we’ll charge you a $10 studio fee for using our supplies! 


Q: What’s the difference between Open Studio Parties & Private Studio Parties?

A: Our Open Studio Parties are a $100 deposit + the price of the pieces + 15% gratuity. It can hold up to 13 guests in our separate party room and is open to the public. Our Private Studio Parties are a $300 deposit + the price of the pieces + 15% gratuity. It can hold up to 20 people max and is closed off to the public.

Q: Can I bring food/drinks/decorations? 

A: Yes! Food is allowed as long as it isn’t temperature sensitive (ice cream, dairy products, etc.) as we do not have a fridge. We encourage all parties to decorate their space, just ensure that all balloons are popped or brought home after the party! 

Q: How early can I come to decorate/set up my party? 

A: Depending on the time-slot chosen, we suggest calling our studio to ask how much earlier you can come in to set up your party. 

Q: I have a budget for my party, how can I have my guests stay within my budget? 

A: For a budget of $16-$19 per piece, we recommend for the host to pre-select some ceramic options before the event! If the budget is $19 or higher per piece, we encourage for you to let us know before the start of your party so we can encourage all guests to stick within that price range! 

Q: What if more guests show up than the given reservation amount? 

A: If by any chance the amount of guests change, please call our studio a day or more in advance to let us know of the updated amount of guests for your party.